Henri Le Riche
Earth 2.0 Found?

For decades astronomers have been searching for a world like our own outside the solar system that could host alien life.

And now astronomers have announced that they have found one – a planet 1.1 times the size of Earth orbiting a star just 490 light years away.

Called Kepler-186f, the planet is the first to be discovered with the right conditions for liquid water to exist on its surface,…

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Killer admits payment for NFP ‘hit’

Killer admits payment for NFP ‘hit’


henriDurban – A convicted murderer has testified that he was paid by the former deputy mayor of uMzinyathi District Municipality to drive two hitmen hired to kill a fellow National Freedom Party (NFP) member.

Felamandla Mkhize, 56, is charged with Mkonzeni Ntuli, 37, also an NFP member, who served as a party representative at Msinga Municipality.

The two are on trial in the…

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‘Youth must remember the struggle’

‘Youth must remember the struggle’

By Karabo Ngoepe


Pretoria – Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille on Wednesday urged the youth to remember where the country came from and to use their votes to help shape the future.

“In this election it is important for the youth to remember the struggle of the past and vote to move South Africa forward again,” she told reporters in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria.

Zille made the comments after…

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Insisting Jesus Was White Is Bad History and Bad Theology

Insisting Jesus Was White Is Bad History and Bad Theology

In trying to police his depiction, Megyn Kelly is wrong on both the facts and the essential universality of the Christian message.


Fox News television host Megyn Kelly told viewers on her December 11 broadcast that Jesus and Santa are both white men.


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When two tribes go to war: hippos vs crocs

When two tribes go to war: hippos vs crocs

By Damien Gayle

They are some of the most fearsome creatures to stalk the waterways of Africa.

But when a army of crocodiles got snap happy with a herd of hippos, it seems that the mammals were in no mood for a fight.


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Chevrolet driving across ‘cracked’ illuminated frozen lake

Chevrolet driving across ‘cracked’ illuminated frozen lake

These incredible images were taken on the cracked surface of the world’s deepest lake, cleverly illuminated to make it appear as if the ice is glowing beneath the car.

They were taken at Lake Baikal in Russia, the freshwater lake with greatest volume of water in the world, containing roughly 20 per cent of the world’s unfrozen surface fresh water and, at 5,387 ft, it is also the deepest.


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John Meyer exhibition “Lost in the Dust”

John Meyer exhibition “Lost in the Dust”

Over the last three years, South Arica’s most famous contemporary realist has worked on a series of fifteen large views commenting on aspects of the boer war (1900 – 1904). The pictures in no way seek to be rigorously researched factual documentaries of that tragic period in South African history. They merely comment on the human drama that unfolded and inevitably conclude that in a war nobody…

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Chances of finding MH370 diminish further after underwater search vessel suffers setback

Chances of finding MH370 diminish further after underwater search vessel suffers setback

By Richard Shears

  • Search area proving too deep for Bluefin 21 robotic submarine
  • Safety mechanism forced it to return to surface after descending to 4.5km
  • Bluefin recovered just six hours into the planned 16 hour search operation
  • It had been programmed to hover 30 metres above the seafloor
  • The data it collected was analysed but nothing of interest was found
  • Search crews hoping to send it back…

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Get ready for the ‘blood moons’: Rare series of lunar eclipses set to begin tonight

Get ready for the ‘blood moons’: Rare series of lunar eclipses set to begin tonight

By Jonathan Block and Mark Prigg

  • Eclipse will begin tomorrow morning at  2 a.m. EDT
  • America will have prime viewing position
  • Will be first of four blood red moon, followed by six full moons
  • The cycle finishes at the end of September 2015
  • It coincides with an alignment of Earth, Mars and the sun
  • The chance alignment has only happened three times in the last 500 years
  • Some Christians believe the…

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Google swoops in to beat Facebook in battle to buy drone firm

Google swoops in to beat Facebook in battle to buy drone firm

By Mark Prigg and Sarah Griffiths

  • Titan Aerospace developing a range of drones long flying drones
  • The Solara drone is lightweight and solar-powered so it can fly at 65,000 feet for five years non-stop
  • Expected to fly in areas Google’s balloons cannot cover
Google has beaten Facebook to buy drone firm Titan Aerospace in a bid to to bring the internet to the developing world.

Facebook had been…

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